Dynamic Physical Therapy

December 7, 2016

Address: 8872 Professional Drive Suite C
Cadillac, MI 49601
Phone: 231-876-0010
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Our physical therapists frequently design individual programs for physical conditioning. Often, as a result of injury or disease, our patients are left de-conditioned. The level of de-conditioning varies from person to person, but the result is that the patient is no longer able to participate in his or her usual activities. Loss of independence, loss of ability to work, loss of ability to participate in social activities and sports are just a few of the consequences of de-conditioning.

Each patient’s individual treatment plan is geared toward reaching specific rehabilitation goals that are set by the therapist and the patient together as a team. Rehabilitation strategies often involve specific exercises to stretch and strengthen muscles as well as to improve posture, balance, and endurance. We understand that a successful return to work in a timely fashion is very important to your quality of life. We can help you get back to your livelihood as quickly and safely as possible. We understand your concerns about the loss of income and chance of re-injury. We provide individualized work conditioning programs including: work simulation activities, body mechanics, posture and injury prevention; cardiovascular conditioning; endurance training; ergonomic analysis; and home-exercise programs.