2007 Streetscape on North Mitchell Street – Three Light Pole Islands with 21 Light Poles  $100,625

2017 Sidewalk Extension North Mitchell – 2,912 Linear Feet of Sidewalk $94,600 Total Project Split 50/50 with Clam Lake Township




2019 “Welcome to the Cadillac Area” sign at the NB US 131 Exit 177 (Mitchell Street) has been completed (except ground restoration).  The 20′ x 45′ sign is part of the DDA’s Master Plan to encourage use of Exit 177 which directs traffic into the Clam Lake DDA District.  The Welcome Sign is part of the Mitchell Street Improvements which also includes the above mentioned light pole islands and sidewalk extension.  Since the sign is located in the State Right-of-Way, MDOT permits were required.  As part of MDOT’s permit approval, the sign was changed from “Welcome to Clam Lake Township” to “Welcome to the Cadillac Area”.







Safe Routes 2 School – Action Plan for Mackinaw Trail Middle School complete.  Hoping to partner with the three Cadillac Schools in the City on one grant application for $200,000 grant funding per school.  Cost to the DDA would be for engineering which would run 15-20%, $35-40,000.

Safe Routes Action Plan Link:

Sanitary Sewer/Water Service – PA 425 Agreement (tax base sharing form of annexation) for sanitary sewer and water for the DDA District Area between the City of Cadillac and Clam Lake Township has been approved by both municipalities in 2019.  Engineering and cost estimates have not yet been completed.
1999 Twp Sewer Cost Estimate
2002 Twp Alternate Sewer Cost Estimates

2010 DDA Sewer Survey

2019 Water Estimate is $2,000,000 for a looped system

2002 Mackinaw Trail Sidewalk and Lighting Plan



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